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Abidjan's culture is believed to be a mix of art and music from Western Africa. The city hosts several cultural events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating tradition and music. The famous African band "Magic System" is from Abidjan and is known worldwide for Zouglou dance styled music.

Music Festivals

  • Concerto Festival
  • Festival of Urban Dances
  • International Festival of Black Music
  • International Jazz Festival of Abidjan
  • Hip-hop is back Festival
  • Faya Flow
  • Dj Mix Atalakou
  • Festival de Maracana d'Abidjan (FESTMA)
  • RTI Music Awards


  • International Festival of lingerie and beauty (FILBA)
  • Miss Abidjan District
  • Miss Ivory Coast

Film Festival

  • FESNACI Festival

Other Festivals

  • Festival MASA
  • Le TiercĂ© Gagnant Climbie beach Festival
  • International Comics Festival