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The largest city and the de facto capital of Ivory Coast, Abidjan, carries on its shoulders the old world traditions and the upcoming future of the country. Abidjan is well-connected internationally with regular flights from Europe, the USA and other countries.

In a culturally rich city, travelling is an unexceptional thrilling experience if the law of the land is followed. A must-see for those visiting the West African strip would be Abidjan's energetic nightlife and a line-up of tempting restaurants.

When to Travel

Abidjan experiences a tropical wet climate all year round. It receives heavy rainfall from May through July, best to avoid these months. The best months to go to Abidjan are January, February and March, the warmest months with a pleasant climate.

City Transport

Abidjan is a big city, so discovering the place as you walk would be a bad idea. In addition, the city is not safe for cyclers either. Thus, the only option remaining would be public transport that includes taxis, buses, and boats. Moreover, you could also hire a motorcycle.

Taxis: There are two types of taxis in Abidjan: orange-coloured and varied-coloured. The orange-coloured taxis are ideal if you want to travel singly, but these are pretty expensive. You will discover various colour taxis depending upon the area they operate. These are less expensive, but you have to share them, and the distance travelled is limited to the neighbourhood.
Metered taxis are supposed to exist, but they do not, thus leaving the deal to the driver and bargainer.

Buses: Buses are another cheap option of public transport though you will more often find them over-crowded. Besides, pickpockets have their own thing in busy areas, so it is better to remain alert, safe, and secure.

Boat: Crossing the lagoon means taking a ferry ride that is the right choice by any means. Watching the Abidjan city on the horizon is a sight worth remembering.