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The Metropolitan area of Abidjan is situated on the southern coast of Cô te d' Ivoire on the Ébrié Lagoon. The area is divided into two parts, namely, The Plateau which is the central part of the city and includes the district of Cocody, Deux Plateaux, and the slum area of Adjamé on the North. The area is mainly inhabited by some of the richest people of Abidjan such as businessmen, diplomats, and celebrities. To the north of the Lagoon lies the poorest slum area of Adjamé. Other areas included in the Abidjan district are Treichville and Marcory on the south, Abobo-Doume and Yopougon on the west, and Boulay Island occupying the middle of the lagoon. A little southwards is Port Bouët, which is home to international air and seaport.

Population Distribution

Abidjan accounts for 20% of the Ivory Coast's population which is approximately 3,576,000 people. This unsystematic population distribution is due to the immigration of rural people to the city in search of better opportunities. Due to this reason, the population of the city has been doubling every seven years since 1945. But even if the population is growing, its growth rate cannot be compared to that during 1960-1990 when it was 10%. At just 4.5% p.a. population growth rate, the rural migration has also considerably reduced from 2/3rd in 1960-1990 to 1/3rd contribution in the present situation. But even so, the population numbers are very large if we compare them to other very Coast cities like Yamoussoukro (100,000 people) and Bouaké (1,500,000 people).

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